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Raiders Express

Raiders Express is our school wide off-season strength and conditioning program. It is strongly encouraged that all athletes participate. Information about Raiders Express can be found at the link below.

Hastings Summer Training Program (STP)

Our Raiders boy's hockey summer training program is a five week camp with on-ice and off-ice training from our high school staff and alumni. We offer camps for Squirts, PeeWees, Bantams, and High School age kids. The form for all ages is posted below. If you have any questions please contact the head coach Adam Welch.

Skate Test Results

On Tuesday July 25th our High School STP players took on the task of trying to conquer our Skate Test. This is how it works. Players will get an allotted amount of time to skate the full length of the ice and back. If at any point they do not finish in time, do not stop completely, do not make it all the way to the line, or just choose to be done, then they are done. It is not a requirement and is completely optional. The Skate Test is not a conditioning test. It is a test of mental toughness. Players can be done at any point they want, but can you challenge yourself to not take the easy way out? Can you do things the right way even though your are tired? Do you choose to continue, when others are sitting on the bench drinking water? Below are the results of our Skate Test!

High School: Alex Foster

Bantam: Simon Hedin

Squirt: Jon Harris

PeeWee: Ryder Regenscheid

Campers of the Week (June)

High School: Derek Smith

Bantam: Kyle Bauer

PeeWee: Jimmy Bloomquist