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    Our Mission Statement

    To produce a successful culture built around Character, Commitment, and Sportsmanship on and off the baseball field.

    Our Core Values


    Raider Baseball Players are willing to commit fully to their team; they will sacrifice without expectations and exhibit servant leadership.


    Raider Baseball Players show compassion, yet have grit, in all aspects of life. They will not be satisfied with being good; good is the worst enemy of great.  


    Raider Baseball Players will hold the utmost respect for all people, at all times, no matter the situation; opponents, umpires, coaches, fans, etc.

    Our Creed

    We play hard and always hustle.

    We play for the love of the game.

    We win without boasting.

    We lose without excuses and never quit.

    We Respect officials and accept their decisions without question.

    We never forget that we represent our team and our town.

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