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  • An elective option that all students can sign up for
    •  This includes all 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade boys and girls in each and every semester.
    • This class is not just for student athletes but anyone who wants to be challenged to take their fitness to the next level.
  • Students will get out of this class what they put in
  • Also they will learn a lot about different types of workouts, how to use many different types of equipment and how to work with many different types of people.
  • The greatest reward each student will learn, is without a doubt, CONFIDENCE. Students do not leave the same person, they become much more mentally strong and aware of their true potential. 
  • Safety, rest and recovery is the focal point of each lesson.
  • We plan around all the schools sporting events, clubs and different classes.
  • Students will have SPARQ 2-3 times each week
  • They will need to be ready on the gym floor by 7:00 a.m.
  • They will do a dynamic stretch led by one of the instructors.
  • They will then workout from roughly 7:15-8:15.
    • Each workout consists of a weight room workout, circuit etc as well as a floor workout such as a plyometric session, running technique, agility exercises, short sprints or possibly even hill climbing or kettle bell tossing in the sand outside.
  • After the workout students will have between 25-30 minutes to shower and eat breakfast. 
  • SPARQ uses a wide range of equipment such as:
    • kettle bells, barbells, dumbbells, pull up bars, parachutes, bungee chords, push and pull sleds, medicine balls, slam balls, wall balls, jump ropes, etc.
    • We also use stairs in the school, the many hills outside, the track west of our school and many other areas that fit our needs.
    • Every student will be introduced to Olympic clean techniques and advance to different levels in this and other lifts.